Wild Bill Walker's  
History Of The
Fortune Favors The Brave

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Ephraim F. Graham Jr.


 Letter to the 644th


 A P O No. 758 U. S. A R M Y

 Eschwege, Germany

11. July 1945

TO: The Members of the 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Throughout five ardorous campaigns that began with Normandy and ended in Central Germany you have manifest a spirit that is inspirational. You have truly made meaningful our motto, "Fortune Favors the Brave", by proving yourselves under every conceivable discomfort, hardship, and danger. You have kept faith with those alongside whom you've fought just as you've kept faith among yourselves. Your brilliant record of attainment has justified the trust placed in you by your families and your country and well deserved such recognations as Major General WEAVER'S--he wrote-- ''The fighting spirit, the tenacity of purpose and the will to win has never been better personified than it has by the men of the 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion.--The people of our nation are watching you and are cheering you on. They can be proud of your success.'' My command here has been my good fortune and proudest achievement. You've your commander's admiration, respect, and hopes for every possible success and happiness in your future endeavors. Yours . is the stuff that made possible our national
triumph in a just cause.



    Lt. Colonel, Infantry

9 June 1945

SUBJECT: Commendation.

TO Lt. Col. Ephraim F. Graham, Jr., 644 Tank Destroyer Battalion.

With the cessation of hostilities in the European Theater of Operations. I desire to express, to the officers and men of your command, the deep appreciation of the 8th Infantry Division Artillery for the exemplary cooperation that we have received from you and all echelons of your command. The 8th Infantry Division Artillery holds the 644TD Bn in the highest esteem. Needless to say, this high regard was earned through close
association in combat. There was no assignment too difficult or dangerous for the 644TD Bn to undertake and successfully execute.

It has been a privilege to go through combat with you and your command, and I sincerely hope that we shall be permitted to continue our close association in future


    Brig. Gen., U. S. Army